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Investment Sector of 2021 Forum: Student Housing in Georgia


The investment sector has been hit hard by the pandemic. Residential assets in general, and student housing in particular, have shown their resilience this year. Real Estate market is rescued by the student housing investment. Experts agreed that in 2020 In times of downturn and high unemployment, people invest in their education and qualifications.


On December 12, 2020, Student House will host a worldwide investment conference. The conference will be held online at 19:00 Tbilisi time. The conference will be broadcast simultaneously in several countries.

these are :

Qatar - 18:00 PM

Jordan - 17:00 PM

Egypt - 17:00 PM

Saudi Arabia - 18:00 PM

Oman - 17:00 PM

Kuwait - 18:00 PM

UAE - 19:00 PM

Investment Forum brings together key-note participants from Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, UAE, Egypt including Heads of departments, global CEOs, heads of international organizations, government representatives and civil society. The Forum is expected to host more than 250 participants with high-level key-note speakers.

The Forum will be cover such topics as: investments sector of 2021 and after that will be viable and profitable, which sectors have the highest investment potential according to the World Bank’s research, why Student Housing business especially in Georgia has a relatively high and long-term perspective, what is the global student housing business market, why it is economically independent asset class, who is investing in student housing today and why it is beoming the most attractive investment sector.


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