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Down Syndrome Children House

On March 21, 2021, LTD OTI ESTATE and the Georgian-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce donated the digital equipment for beneficiaries of the NGO organization - Children of the Sun. 
According to LTD - OTI ESTATE and the Executive Director of the Georgian-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, “Down Syndrome ensures the full integration of the primary community, which is accomplished through perfect and conditional conditions, as well as the learning opportunities. Joint care and attention shall be mandatory and necessary not for just for the special day - March 21." 
Hany Hebashi emphasized the company’s values and treatment, which means being in the country and serving the community.  
"Children of the Sun" cares for Down Syndrome and children and adolescents of the autistic spectrum from 2011. 
The company OTI ESTATE operates in the construction sector, also is working on to attract investment abroad, as well as cooperates with construction development companies and independently implements many projects throughout Georgia.
 Inga Loladze, Founder of the NGO "Children of the Sun", thanks for the attention and care of the overcrowded guests and the perception that digital equipment during pandemics gives the possibility to get the proper education.