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Global Investment Forum - Leading with purpose 09 – 10 June 2021, Geneva


“Achievement happens when we pursue and attain what we want.
Success comes when we are in clear pursuit of why we want it.”
Simon Sinek

All over the world we are observing rising ethnic, environmental, demographic. politic and economic tensions leading to a context of massive uncertainty, instability and volatility. In addition, the way we live, work and relate to one another as individuals is evolving as fast as our adoption of disruptive technologies, now fusing physical, digital and biological universes.

This results in critical challenges to solve but also in major opportunities to build on, requiring a new leadership paradigm to drive societies and institutions towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

In these turbulent times with unprecedent changes, leaders must transform their organisations to stay relevant and competitive, empowering people and increasing collaboration. The most successful business leaders are the ones focusing on a strong valuable cause that their teams and stakeholders can trustfully embrace.

We strongly believe that Leading with Purpose is the key to navigate the complexities of today and tomorrow, with everybody on board rowing in the same direction for a meaningful impact.
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The Global Investment Forum is an initiative of ACE & Company.

The Forum is an exclusive knowledge and exchange platform bringing together the global private investment community alongside visionary entrepreneurs, insightful experts and leaders from the worlds of technology to politics. This annual gathering is an opportunity for participants to learn from experts across the private investment landscape and is enhanced by sessions about the major trends shaping our economic, political and social environment. Through interactive panel discussions, exclusive interviews, keynote presentations and breakout sessions, ACE & Company hope both guests and speaking participants gain insightful knowledge on key trends and developments affecting us in order to come to a shared understanding and create lasting partnerships.

The event is by invitation-only and attendees are a thoughtful blend of investors, entrepreneurs, c-suite executives as well as other experts and specialists. The event aims to provide a relaxed environment in which to network, socialize and learn from one another. We do not have any press at the event in order to foster open communication.

Every year the event takes place on Thursday and Friday during the first two weeks of June in the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland at the Hotel Intercontinental. Geneva is the home of the Forum not only because ACE & Company’s headquarters are found in the city, but also because of the city’s history of being a leading global financial center which is constantly reinventing itself and has brought about a unique ecosystem with a fertile environment for expertise, ideas, innovation and creation.

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ACE & Company (ACE), founded in 2005, is a global investment management platform specialized in direct investments with total assets of over $1bn under management across six investment strategies. ACE is uniquely positioned to understand the needs and challenges facing private investors today and provide unparalleled access to quality opportunities across the direct investment ecosystem. By combining in-house team capabilities with specialized partners, ACE is able to source, perform due diligence, and execute on superior investment opportunities across five continents. The flexible investment platform offers diverse portfolios across the stages of the investment lifecycle from venture, growth, to mature. The ACE team prides themselves in actively partnering with stakeholders to meet specific investment criteria and objectives and aims to actively improve investment returns by adding strategic value to both its portfolio companies as well as sourcing partners by leveraging its broad investment knowledge. ACE is regulated by the Swiss Financial Supervisory Authority FINMA in Switzerland.


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