Student House

Investor Questionnaire

Date of Application: 13.04.2021

Application Number: 5621

Investor Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in investing with Student House LLC. Please fill out the questionnaire below.

Investor Type
1.1. Investor information

If You are an individual investor

Physical Address

If You are a Company

Contact person

1.2. Background
Have you ever invested in commercial real estate through a private offering?
Have you ever invested in a real estate, private equity or the like?
How much is your total exposure to commercial real estate?
Do you have an annual allocation to real estate – formal or informal?
A minimum initial investment of $100,000 applies to any type of investor. Please, indicate the amount of Your investment in Student Housing

Indicate your investment amount:

What is the expected timeframe in which you might be prepared to make such an investment?

Income Distributions

Investor receives the return on investment Yearly on the bank account which is provided by investor.


I/We consent to telephone conversations being recorded. Recordings may be used for quality, verification purposes.

I/We agree to receive confirmation of my/our investment transactions online via email.

I/We declare that I/we have received and accepted the offer to apply to invest into Student House Project in Georgia.

I/We acknowledge that this Investment Application Form is accompanied by investment reservation form.

I/We acknowledge that all information provided in this Application Form is true and correct.

I/We acknowledge that the terms and conditions set out in this Investment Application Form will govern all other investments I/we make in the Student House Project in Georgia to which this current application relates.

A Proscribed Person means any person or entity who Student House LLC reasonably believes to be (i) in breach of the laws of any jurisdiction regarding economic or trade sanctions, or laws prohibiting money laundering or terrorism financing, or (ii) on a list of persons with whom dealings are proscribed by Georgian laws or the laws of another recognized jurisdiction.

A Proscribed Person includes any person or entity who Student House LLC reasonably believes to act on behalf, or for the benefit of, a person or entity referred to in (i) and/or (ii).